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Julie has rapidly acquired the reputation of a reliable, enlightening consultant with remarkable listening ability and the right balance of technical and interpersonal skills. She was able to provide support in a number of important matters such as performance management, conflict management, team building, personal efficiency and gender mainstreaming. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any comparable coaching project, especially in an international environment where her own intercultural background serves as a major asset.

right balance of technical & inter-personal skills

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Fabienne, Brussels

Coaching with Julie has made a challenging transitional phase in my life easier, even inspiring. Julie coached me to identify coping mechanisms that help me tackle professional and personal insecurities or perceived obstacles. I feel empowered because Julie helped me to always be able to find positive answers and solutions within myself.



Tanja, Finland

Julie’s powerful questions helped me to think a bit deeper on what I really wanted to do next. I quickly found new courage to make a major career move. Julie helped me to see my strengths through a different perspective, which channeled my confidence to excel in the interview, landing me the job of my dreams.

powerful questions


Ulrich Biffar

Julie coached five of our Field Teams on the topics of reporting, team work, coordination over two months. By the end, the teams took ownership over their team development as well as increased their motivation and team spirit. I recommend applying a coaching approach to any team willing to dedicate time to their professional development.

team development



Claire, Brussels

Julie’s dynamic approach and adjustable style as a coach were highly valuable to help me through a difficult professional transition. Julie provided the necessary support and tools to help me adapt my leadership style to have greater cooperation and impact with different colleagues, especially when under pressure. In a short period, I received positive feedback by colleagues on my leadership style in areas that previously warranted improvement.




dynamic approach

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I strongly recommend Julie as a coach and a trainer for leardership development programs.

We have seen a direct impact in her coaching efforts based on  feedback from our staff coached.  Our staff that she has coached have given us positive feedback about her ability to be an engaged listener, quickly understand their challenges and support them by asking questions that challenge their professional development.