10 ways that coaching will help you get ahead in life


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When you invest in your personal or professional development the same way you invest in formal education you gain an experience arguably worth even more than any degree or certificate: you’ll learn what it takes to become happier and more successful in life.

A coach can supports your personal and professional development by helping you to learn the methods that are best suited to your life. If you are committed to your development by devoting time and energy to your progress and are open to trying new approaches, the benefits will far exceed the costs that you put in. With coaching, you’ll learn how to create your best self and overcome life’s obstacles. Coaching will help you with the following:

  1. Widen your career options – Do you need to define your next career move or develop a longer-term career path? Coaching will help you identify your job preferences and strengths to target your dream job. Through coaching you will fine-tune your communication and interpersonal skills by examining past actions to learn what worked and what can be improved in terms of applications, interviews and other job-related experiences.

  2. Get a better education – Are you overwhelmed with the choice of universities and programs that you must chose from for your education? Coaching will help you to determine which education is right for you for the career that you want. You will master the art of application writing and how to make a great first impression in motivation letter, while being mindful of the qualification criteria needed for scholarships and other funding.

  3. Take a decision that you wont regret- Has a decision left you at a cross-roads in life? Coaching will help you weigh your options in line with your priorities and values to make decision-making less painful and regret-free.

  4. Go through a change more smoothly – Are you facing an upcoming change in work or life that leaves you blocked with fear? Are you so overwhelmed that you don’t know how to begin to address the issue? Everyone deals with change differently. Coaching works to support sustainable change that takes into consideration your unique needs and fears and help you widen your safety net to accept the change and move forward.

  5. Increase your confidence in life and work – Do you have any doubts about your skills? Do you wonder how others are able to go for what they want without any hesitation? Through coaching your self-confidence will be strengthened by helping you to look at your past achievements, strengths and realize you inner-beauty.

  6. Make you more happy – Are you where you want to be in life, yet somehow not fully satisfied? Are you feeling that something is missing in your life? Coaching will working with you to identify the factors that satisfy you and recognize when you have taken steps towards them. Discover what motivates you and you’ll find the ways to your happiness.

  7. Build healthy relationships – Do you really know what you want and need in a relationship? How does your communication style impact your close relationships? Coaching will help you gain self-awareness about your inter-personal relationships and support you in making them more healthy and happy.

  8. Improve your health and wellbeing – Do you know you should make a change in your lifestyle to improve your health or energy, but struggle to stay motivated? Coaching will support you in finding the approach that best suits you to exercising, losing weight, eating healthy, removing habits that you are trying to stop. Coaching will help you discover what motivates you in order so that you can stick to your health and wellbeing goals.

  9. Increase your positivity and optimism – Have you lost that lust for life? Forgotten your rose-colored glasses somewhere? Coaching helps you to draw out your strengths, enhance your confidence and have a positive mental attitude. You can train yourself to have a more positive outlook on life and become more of an optimist!

  10. Learn to make your dream a reality! -Whatever your dream may be, coaching will help you to begin with the end in mind and identify manageable steps that you can take to achieving your dream. Coaching will help you overcome your obstacles and fears by drawing on your strengths and resources in your life and keep you on track to reaching your dream by learning how to stay motivated.

We each have inner strengths and talents. Life situations sometimes fog our perspectives, confidence and stop us from achieving our full potential. Coaching will help to clear those clouds to recognize the strength we all have within and to properly use it to find a way to deal with the challenges that life presents us. At PerforMetrics Coaching, we believe that each person has what it takes to achieve their goals. We are committed to each and every person’s development based on their specific needs.

Coaching is a process through dialogue and questioning that can help you by giving clarity and direction to your goals. It will help you to identify steps you need to take, while helping you to take the fear out of change and overcome obstacles to achieve your full potential. Coaching, unlike advising, believes that you are the expert in your situation, but gives you support to being your best self.

Coaches don’t tell clients what to do, blame or judge. They use skills in listening, observing, questioning and giving feedback to create a conversation rich with insight and learning. Clients are supported to resolve issues and overcome barriers to their progression.

A coaching relationship is based on trust and the belief that each client has within them the desire for change and the capacity to achieve this. The coach commits to maintaining the client’s privacy and the client, in return, agrees to think deeply, to share all information that is relevant to the conversation and to take the actions to which they commit.